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VictoriaTourismJobs.ca offers you a wide variety of employment opportunities within the Victoria tourism industry. From hotel management to tour guide expert, there is something for everyone in our extensive job bank of quality employers.

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Victoria’s Tourism Industry

As one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest, Victoria is booming with culture and tourist attractions that bring in more than 3 million tourists each year. As a connecting city between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, B.C., the city of Victoria never ceases to be full of life and excitement making the Victoria tourism industry an excellent career path for anyone looking for a rewarding yet exciting career.

The Victoria tourism industry can be divided into five categories consisting of:

  • Accommodations
  • Food and Beverage
  • Recreation and Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Travel Services

Throughout VictoriaTourismJobs.ca you will find a variety of employment opportunities in these five areas of employment that are both fulfilling to your career and enriching to the Victoria culture. Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, or spend your days sailing the open seas, Victoria's tourism industry offers many career opportunities for locals as well as new comers to Victoria.